This spring “Ukraine 24” channel hosted the premiere of the show “Shame on you!” by Yanina Sokolova.
Every Thursday evening Yanina will tell the truth and highlight current most actual social and political issues.

We were worked for create design package for this show.  This package included opener and design system
for show graphics, background studio loops and so on. Photo of Yanina and BIG bold headers and kinetic typography movements works pretty well to embrace the idea of sharp political content for the show. ​​​​​​​
Instances of a design pitch sketches
Design system for TV show graphics
It was very important for us to build an adaptive design system that is useful, eye-catching for the viewers and easy to use with current channel graphics which is made by us as well.
Loops for studio screen backgrounds
Producer: Ivan Rudnev
Art Director: Jane Yaroshik
Production Manager: Anna Komratova
Motion Design: Andrey Matiukhin, Natalya Kutuzova
Sound Design: Stas Kurbatsky
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